RL griefers

Well, we all know griefers way too good in Second Life, especially their flying objects, like penises and such. Now in real life a flying penis was around when Garry Kasparov was holding a speech in Moscow. Take a look at the video:

M Linden should have been started to work now

Well, it's the mid of May, and if I remember the old posts correctly, M Linden should have started to work now. I wonder how he is going to shape Linden Lab in the future and which kind of impulses he is going to bring to the platform. We should wish him all best, of ...

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realXtend: Second Life's Apache?

Gentle reader, today I want to talk a little about the realXtend project which came upon my radar recently and impressed me great lengths. Their goal is, put in simple terms, to develop the InterGrid about which Gwyneth Llewellyn spoke recently in one of her own blog posts. Well, she even mentions the project in ...

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Opensource viewers

Since the opensourcing of the client side of Second Life there have been some more or less interesting projects going on in forking the browser or developing it into something better/more. Some projects especially are worth mentioning there: ShoopedLife. This is basically a viewer that people use who are concerned about their anonimity (haha!). Well, ...

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