Another roundup

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It's been a while since my last blogging spree that I've posted any new article at all. So, without much foreword, some new thingies: Dedric Mauriac blogged about the in world building of Packaging and Converting Essentials. Seems he really … Weiter

Grid hiccups after the downtime

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What's the use in running a scheduled downtime from 5 hours in under 2 hours, which looks first like great work, when then some hours later the inventory database has hiccups and issues are showing up again? I don't know.

SL roundup

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After not posting entries for some days, I've got to dequeue my queued posts now. So, with no further delay here they are: SL had terrible problems yesterday. They bunch varied from not being able to login to problems with … Weiter

Food for thought

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Well, since SL was down over half the day (or even more...) and there was no possibility to login, what's the addicts second best choice? Right: reading some posts in the blogosphere about Second Life and thinking about it. So … Weiter