RL griefers

Well, we all know griefers way too good in Second Life, especially their flying objects, like penises and such. Now in real life a flying penis was around when Garry Kasparov was holding a speech in Moscow. Take a look at the video:

Griefers on the ride again

I haven't noticed griefer activity for months now in the sims I am visiting frequently. It seems they come and go, and the more succesful a business is, the more griefers you can get. Whatever. I was visiting the region of Daikoku today, which is always quite populated because Blackheart's Cafe is in it and ...

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Here be GrieferWiki

Interesting what you can find under the hood if you're following the links of well known blogs. I have taken a look at the blog of the Patriotic Nigras and found a link to the GrieferWiki To quote them: Here be GrieferWiki, where griefers and trolls can amass valuable information and scripts to aid other ...

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Griefers at Mercedes-Benz Island

A few days ago I visited Mercedes-Benz Island to take another look at their in world presence. Well, there was not much happening, anyway and there was also no employee of the company present at this time. They are around there, normally, at some time. They've got not very tight settings on security there, either. ...

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