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Imprudence Viewer Voice Howto auf Deutsch

Worum geht es?

Der alternative Second Life Viewer Imprudence kommt aus Lizenzgründen bis Version 1.3.0 RC1  nicht mit den benötigten Programmbibliotheken der Firma Vivox daher, die zum Betrieb von Voice in Second Life benötigt werden. Viele aber können und wollen auf Voice in SL nicht verzichten und es ist mit ein wenig Handarbeit möglich, mit Imprudence als Viewer auch Voice wie gehabt benutzen zu können.

Dieses Howto beschreibt deren nachträgliche Installation von Voice unter Windows, da der Installer von Imprudence diese Handgriffe bis zurVersion 1.3.0 RC1 nicht vornimmt; ab Version 1.3.0 RC2 ist das im Installer eingebaut!


Zur Installation der Dateien wird ein Archiventpacker benötigt, der mit .tar.bz2 zurecht kommen kann. 7zip kann das, wer daher nicht sicher ist, bitte zuerst diese Freeware installieren, WinRAR kann es auch.

Und los geht es!

Imprudence ist installiert, 7zip oder ein Entpacker mit vergleichbarer Funktionalität ebenfalls? Gut! Als erstes müssen per Hand die Programmteile für Voice aus dem Internet heruntergeladen werden.

Für Imprudence 1.2.x lädt man sich diese Datei herunter und für Imprudence 1.3.x diese. Danach öffnet man die Datei mit dem Entpacker, bei 7zip braucht dies zweimal, da die Datei doppelt gepackt ist.

Im Verzeichnis indra/newview/vivox-runtime/i686-win32/ des Archives dann sind die benötigten Dateien. Aus diesem Ordner kopiert/extrahiert man die folgenden Dateien, und nur wirklich diese, in den Installationsordner von Imprudence:

  • ortp.dll
  • SLVoice.exe
  • vivoxsdk.dll
  • wrap_oal.dll

Dann startet man noch Voice in den Einstellungen neu, ein Relogin ist dazu unnötig und Imprudence sollte sich nun wie gewohnt mit Voice betreiben lassen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Für Fehler keine Gewähr sowie für durch Fehler und/oder durch Fehlbedienung entstandene Fehler keine Haftung. Diese Anleitung wurde nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen erstellt, aber auch hier gilt nach wie vor: Hirn einschalten und wenn man sich nicht sicher ist, was man tut, lieber die Finger davon lassen und sich jemanden holen, der sich damit auskennt.

Überdies: kein in world Support jedweder Art.

Renovation gone bad at the new Phat Cat's

Phat Cat's has been closed for public last weekend for around two days. The reason why? Because the wanted to rebuild it from scratch. Not a bad idea at all if you're unhappy with your sim or want to improve it. Given the fact, that there's always traffic at any time there also the only way to do it if you want to be able to work quickly and undisturbed at all.

So, now since it's open again for around one week, what to say about the rebuild Phat Cat's? The good part is: it is for sure a visual improvement compared to the old spot, all the good things are still there, meaning dance floor, classy ambiente, also the big mall.

The bad thing about it? Well, Phat Cat's is now way too heavy graphics wise. Meaning: there's way too much on heavy graphics in it, it was always laggy of course, since it's almost always full, but the new arrangement of prims and stuff adds way much to an even more worse lag now, too.

Also gone is now the sea view; at the old place you had one, now you're looking at arcades and their columns. And somehow I now find white marble rather boring... Traffic is still high, so don't let that fool you, but visual wise there are better themed jazz clubs around like Carribean Breezes.

Well, take a look at the main dance floor. It's a big, wide, open space, for me the dance floor got smaller compared to the one before, there aren't many chairs around anymore, also less dance balls at the moment it seems.

For me as a long time standing visitor (ha, what a wording!) Phat Cat's has lost much of its appeal to me, it has somewhat lost its trademark feeling. Oh, and take a look at this picture of the main dance area, taken today around 02:00 am SLT, to get the picture on your own:

Voice is now mainstream

The until now beta tested voice feature of the First Look client has gone into the main client. Thus it is enabled everywhere and now mainstream.

The use of voice is always going to be optional, and estate owners can disable it, if wanted, but it's now there and without any extra charge at all for the sim owners, as it seems.

While some couldn't await the arrival of this feature into the main client any longer, others are still sceptical about it and/or don't want to use it at all. Consider it working under Mac OS X and Windows, but not under Linux yet.

It's simply not working under Linux because the proprietary binary that's needed to connect to the servers of Vivox is still non existant, meaning what you've got under Linux there is an empty shell so far.

More fun with the voice beta grid

I've spent today again some time on the voice beta test grid. It has been quite fun and interesting to see how voice is going to change the SL experience.

It's also a good way to see the Lindens live; no wonder, since it's beta and only under 10 regions are online, you can see them there. I saw Pathfinder Linden and another Linden, Monroe Linden, even used voice and talked with us a little! Great!

So, basically when you're going online on the beta grid it's first looking where the crowd is. There are perhaps 30-40 people online the same time, and they use to flock around, well, that's my experience so far.

Today was also interesting since we've seen an avatar from the company that is providing the voice technology, Vivox, Rockin Randall, who talked with us and answered some questions to us. Nice guy and some very interesting insights, for sure this is going to scale at great lengths, if necessary!

Well, here's also a little snapshot to show the speech indicators in action, just click on the thumbnail to see the big picture.

My experiences with the voice beta

There was yesterday the announcement about the public availibility of the voice beta version of Second Life. Since I had spare time and a new, shiney headset, I downloaded the special beta client and gave it a try.

The first thing you're going to notice is that you are not seeing much difference to the normal beta clients at all. Voice capability is disabled by default, so you have to enable it by yourself in the preferences. The second thing I experienced is - it's much better to enable voice in the so called push-to-talk mode - meaning, that you're only transmitting audio into the game world when you're pressing down some key. Otherwise all people around you can be hearning echos if your soundcard is not configured correctly, many computers tend to transmit much noise, well, let's just say it's a waste of bandwidth and computing power.

I know how voice is being handled by services like Skype. Skype automatically adjusts the microfon volume while you speak, so that the microfon level is always nice mannered and not too loud. In the Second Life beta you've got to adjust the microfon volume on your own, so you should better now how to setup the volume mixer under Windows or Macintosh. Yup, there's no beta for this available at the moment under Linux.

Well, if you've got your settings then right you can enjoy the voice capabilites of the beta - or not. First you need to get to a region, though, that is voice enabled in the beta grid. There are not many available and you can see a list of enabled regions in the release notes of the beta client. According to Lindenlabs there are these voice enabled regions at the moment on the beta grid: Abbotts, Lusk, Pulveria, Spaceport Alpha, Morris, Da Boom, Tehama and Balance. BTW, it's not advisable under Windows to use the Shift-Key for enable the push-to-talk mode, since this is per default enabled by Windows to enable some advanced features for people with disabilities after pressing it fives times. Better use another key or turn those features of in the system settings of Windows.

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