Some business stuff

I’ve stumbled across some interesting blog posts and magazine entries about doing business in Second Life. Here they are:

  • Going pro in SL. Aimee Weber discusses the topic of turning your passion into your profession, what to expect and how to do it. Very interesting read. Also some comments are very interesting, but some advises are just sooo obvious. For example, write an invoice. If someone wants to become a pro and does not think about that – ouch. Or „put your pants on“ – double ouch. You can sum up all advises under a single rule – be on good behaviour and if you want to be a pro in SL, than SL == RL. And, of course, you are not going to have much time after this step to play at all nor is it a fast way to become rich or a guaranteed source for a steady income. So better be sure!
  • Another big content builder, doing custom builds: Millions of us. They have links to some interesting articles, an own blug and other stuff, worth a read.
  • „Second Life Lessons“ from the Business Week. It’s basically about how a real life company could enter the universe of SL and what they should consider if they have no experience and knowledge about SL at all and about some possibilites only SL offers to the customers.
  • „Hot to Get a Second Life“, also from the Business Week. Some rules and advises what you should do before you setup a shop in SL. Also a very interesting read.