1st Life

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In the infamous Heise Forums there is a humorous post about the advantages (and disadvantages) of 1st Life! The author praises the perfect framerate, that dates feel much more realistic and so on. A very funny read, it is available … Weiter

Happy New Year! or so...

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I wish you a Happy New Year and that your wishes for 2007 do come true! Personally, my own start in 2007 was very sad. A very good friend and neighbor of mine, 86 years old, died at 0:30 am … Weiter

RL and SL

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Many people think that a game like Second Life is better than real life. They are wrong and right at the same time. They are right, because you just can go away if someone bothers you. But they are also … Weiter

Food for thought

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Well, since SL was down over half the day (or even more...) and there was no possibility to login, what's the addicts second best choice? Right: reading some posts in the blogosphere about Second Life and thinking about it. So … Weiter


About the experiences of the Second Life avatar named Bartholomew Gallacher. All views and opinions are strictly on my own, I am not affiliated in any way with companies I may mention until noted otherwise. And here's a picture of … Weiter

Blog opened!

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Greetings, traveler! I am your humble host on this side, please let me introduce myself, my name is Bartholomew Gallacher. I am a male avatar in the game called Second Life and exploring this player made universe day by day. … Weiter