Well, since SL was down over half the day (or even more…) and there was no possibility to login, what’s the addicts second best choice? Right: reading some posts in the blogosphere about Second Life and thinking about it.

So I here now present in no particular order my todays choice of articles about SL and stuff:

  • SL History Wiki entry about Aimee Weber. Very interesting read about one of the leading content builders in here.
  • Amy Weebler’s 2007 Second Life Predictions. A very fun read, for example:

    Linden Lab will be sold to Google, who will ALSO be unable to get search to work properly.

  • Wall o’Residents. Jeska Linden’s photo stream on Flickr with some very interesting photos of LL employees.
  • Aimee Weber and the AvaStar: „Corporate Love“. An interview with Aimee Weber, who was one of the chief builders of the AvaStar island in Sl. It was a very interesting read for me in the Metaverse Messenger. The AvaStar is a tabloid, made by the German Axel Springer Verlag, who also publishs the famous Bild-Zeitung in Germany, Europe’s biggest yellow press paper. Aimee Weber gives us some piece of her mind and thinks that the Second Life Herald only always mocks on SL and celebrates griefers. Well, I guess not all people are going to be with her opinion on this point.
  • Prokofy Neva’s blog with an article named „The REAL Awful Stuff“. It is a very important read for anybody, mainly because it shows how leaving and saying too much stuff in SL can ruin your privacy in RL. Prokofy Neva writes about how a well known griefer named Plastic Duck aka Gene Replacement (here’s an interview with him) was able to pinpoint the real life persona of Prokofy Neva and how the avatar Prokofy Neva is being harassed in SL on and on. If these accusations are not false, we talk about some heavy stuff here, including identity theft and cyberstalking. I guess if Prokofy Neva is able to pinpoint Plastic Duck down in RL he for sure is going to sue him. This is also a very important read for everybody to understand that you cannot care too much about your own privacy! Sooner or later it can for sure backfire on you, you never know who’s out there.

And of course the obligatory link of the day about the downtime of SL: „Second Life vorübergehend geschlossen“, courtesy of Heise Newsticker (German). Second Life is called a „internet playground“ in the article – well, this for sure fits!

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