März 20, 2007

Making money with unfixed bugs

Well, the teleporter bug in the client is still unfixed (don’t we love it all?), how to work around it, was explained by Torley Linden in the knowledge base. Simple: press Ctrl-Alt-V, then you’ve got the button back again.

But well, not everybody reads the knowledge base or spreads the word around, many are still complaining about this unfixed bug. Some are trying to make money with it, selling their own teleportation tools right now.

TP Hud

How about fixing the bug or spreading the word to render this device unnecessary, again? This would be great, don’t you agree?

Finding out every stream URL you always wanted to know

Gentle reader, you always wanted to know from which URL the music is streaming into a hip location, but the owner of it is sitting on this like a secret and using network sniffers like Wireshark is beyond your capabilities? Fear no more! I’ve got the solution right for you, it’s plain and simple in your standard client, just a view fingertips away!

So, this is inspired by a post of Torley Linden about the still outstanding teleporting issues and what to do against them, since this is know to be buggy since quite a time.

So, the first step you should do is simple – just press Ctrl+Alt+V. This gives you access to menu entries in the client, which are normally available to Linden Lab employees only. It’s safe, since those are not going to work for you anyway, but this step is crucial.

The second step is simple: just go to the location, of which you want to know the stream URL, open the „About Land“ dialogue and go to the media tab. The stream URL is now going to be displayed to you no matter if you are the land owner or not. That’s it, it’s so simple.

And as a demonstration how this might look is here an in game snapshow of the stream URL of Phat Cat’s; the most vital part is grayed out by myself in this screenshot, since I don’t want to spoil the URL here. But trust me, it works, give it a try, if you’re interested in.

PC stream URL