Springe zum Inhalt

Since I've got again too much ideas for blog entries in my mind and don't want to post them all as separate articles, I'm doing another roundup. Here it comes:

Well, that's it for the moment, more to come shortly.

Simple: it is a big laboratory for trying out new approaches, getting new experiences that can be transferred to other, future projects, too. Though Second Life is not perfect, it is still going to be thrilling in the future and that is why it matters.

These are not only my words, but for example also the words of Sponto and Pham Neutra agrees with him (both articles in German).

Just did a fun test at a website, and look what I've found out about myself:

Well, that explains, why I enjoy so much running through Second Life as Barth Vader! The force is with me! And now bow before your master... bwahaha!