Braggs‘ lawsuit settled

You can read this on the blog of Second Life now:

Linden Research, Inc., Philip Rosedale, and Marc Bragg have agreed to settle the “Bragg v. Linden and Rosedale” lawsuit currently pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The parties agree that there were unfortunate disagreements and miscommunications regarding the conduct and behavior by both sides and are pleased to report that Mr. Bragg’s “Marc Woebegone” account, privileges and responsibilities to the Second Life community have been restored. For the benefit of the Second Life community, the Parties have mutually agreed that the terms of their resolution shall remain confidential. The Parties ask that this confidentiality be respected.

So this is lawyer speak. What does that mean in real speak? Something like this from Lindenlabs point of view: we would have lost the case! So better agree to restore Braggs‘ account and properties in world and see if this is enough for him to drop the case before our roof really starts to burn and we’re losing big money!

It’s that easy.

Quote of the day

Just something that happened on a public group channel in Second Life today:

[2007/10/04 14:07] Dreamland ACS: there have been serious problems with last upgrade .. already done 2 rolling restarts of all sims
[2007/10/04 14:07] Dreamland ACS: the entire grid has more lag and slow rezzing
[2007/10/04 14:07] Stevie Superior: Welcome to the Land of Lindens!
[2007/10/04 14:09] Dreamland ACS: it never fails .. new upgrade .. more problems .. lower performance
[2007/10/04 14:09] Keila Forager: yeah, but I haven’t upgraded yet…LOL

Nifty, right?

Vista is shit, part two

Microsoft has reacted to the demand on the market and now has created two new options for purchasing XP:

  1. It allows big manufacturer now to offer their customers of computers with Windows Vista a free downgrade to Windows XP. Consider this – buying a new computer with Vista and you got the option to downgrade to it’s predecessor! This has as far as I know never been around before.
  2. They extended the availabilty of XP OEM versions from 31. January 2008 to 30. June 2008 to "give the people more flexibility."

So the market has spoken and the market doesn’t want Vista. It’s really easy. Is there a greater way to admit that your software is bad and that you’re not content with its sales pitch?