Springe zum Inhalt

The nice folks over at IBM Developerworks have started a series about Second Life. The first article of it is about how to compile your own client, the pitfalls and how to achieve the goal, since it's not so trivial to do.

Quite worth a read, better than the wiki page over at Lindenlabs and I am looking forward to the next articles of this series!

On my travels through my feedreader I've discovered an interesting blog: the MySQL Performance Blog. For sure interesting for all of us who are into databases and must work with them. Hey, even Second Life is in reality just a big, big database in MySQL, so it covers the most fundamental, underlying technic of Second Life at all.

For sure worth a read, if you're into techie things.

The Lindens are putting together another of the so called First Look Viewers. Nothing wrong about that one. But what strikes me is this passage in their posting:

Also, regarding the removal of the old particle systems. We are evaluating whether or not we can transparently migrate the deprecated functions to use the new system. If you have any information about how best to map the old functions to use llParticleSystem, please IM Steve Linden in world. Surprisingly, we no longer have anyone here who is familiar with the old particle systems (one of the reasons we want to remove them entirely).

I mean, what's the problem there? They should have documented it entirely in house, they have the code, so they should really, really know how it works.

And if not, they should know how to get in touch with former employees who know how it works. But this? Very, very strange...

I've been programming around a little yesterday and made my first simple LSL-script - a notecard giver keeping track of unique visitors. Really simple when you get the heck off it and quite useful for different things, not so far fetched to turn it into a greeter, visitor counter and other things, also or make it into a big whole-into-one-package.

What bothers me, though, is that LSL is unable to save data into a notecard stored into the object. This seems to be really a big drawback of the language - hopefully there is going to be some support for this in the future. So, in the meantime, you have to save data - if you need it - on external webservers with llHTTPRequest() - seems that's the only possibility when you don't want to use instant messages or open chat, to have a nice formatted file of data. Bummer.

I hate that!