Never, ever let the RP eat you up

One of the things you should really be aware about role play is that it can be quite time consuming. In better sims there is always something going on, you can try hard to achieve perfection in it, you can study a lot, talk a lot and so on. This can lend to the fact that some people are just going to be in the RP sims only for most of their time, neglecting their friends and being there for months.

Then, when the RP phase is over, they need to really start again, since they neglected so many old friends and quite some of them may have removed them from their friends list. So, take the advise, while RP is fun and allright, don’t let it become your number one priority, if you haven’t started in such a sim directly. You might hurt some people in the process, badly.

The Lindens just continue as they planned to do…

Yesterday M Linden aka Mark Kingdon, CEO of Linde Lab, published an open letter to the community, in which he heralded the nice community base of this world, their devotion and layed out the future plans of Linden Lab for the Open Spaces sims.

In short: no change at all, all he did was just pulling out a bunch of nice word, putting the same old plans in a nice looking, neater soundng package and that’s it. The tier change is coming as planned, also in the same amount in the end, it is just happening in two steps instead of one and that’s all. Wonder when the next protests are going to show up…

Some new stuff and such

Well, what’s new anyway in the meantime in SL? 

  • Mono has been deployed to the whole grid. This means, that all LSL scripts now might run on this new engine, which makes computation of scripts up to 200 times faster than the former one. As a side effect, every script has now 64 KB of memory for data instead of 16 KB. But it seems that if you want to run Mono, you have to recompile the script for yourself. Old scripts are not going to be recompiled automatically, a thing, that perhaps might happen in the future, though, since it’s for sure not going to happen that both engines are going to be supported parallel for long, meaning the old LSL engine is going to fade out slowly. If you want to compile your scripts on Mono, you need a viewer of the 1.21-series at least. 
  • The Lindens have a new communication policy for their blog, it is undergoing a big relaunch at the moment in the background. While some are happy, that now Torley Linden cannot put up his "pink-green neon glowing junk of happiness" on the homepage anymore, others wonder what happened there in general. They are planning to change their ways of communication, again, well so far we have to see what is going to happen in October. For the meantime we have to live with it like it is.
  • People are wondering which kind of product SLim is going to be and when it is going to be launched. So far, there are only rumors around despite the fact that Linden Lab recently applied for that trademark. Most agree, though, according to the application it is going to be some kind of messenger. This is exciting, because a new product is really something that might come in handy for Linden Lab to stand out against the less complex competition for an audience, for which Second Life is too complex, power hungry, whatever, in general not appealing enough. A first preview is expected though within the next couple of weeks. Makes me wonder… is this a project which has been initiated by Mark Kingdon aka M Linden or did the foundation for it already happen under Philip Rosedale’s reign as CEO still?
  • The next big thing in the background might be the standarization of the protocol to build the intergrid, the thing at which they are working together with IBM.
  • Copybot is supposed to get support for cloning prim attachments of avatars. I wonder, if this is ever going to really happen.
  • Land prices still stay quite low. This is bad for land barons, who need to make money on sales, but good for the inhabitants and other content creators, too.
  • Oldtimer Gwyneth Llwellyn ran an essay named "No more limits", outlining some ways in which Second Life might develop in the future, for example more prims per sim (again), bigger or smaller sims than 256×256 meters, allowance of megaprims and getting rid of the limitations of LSL. Some of those might really happen sooner or later in the future.