I know Flumm Melendez since some time, comes from because she’s been an avid writer to the group „SL Deutschland“. The first time I saw her profile, Flumm Melendez was a female avatar, earning her money in world as an escort and with making and selling tattoos.

After some time, though, this became boring or whatever, so she started building her own club, I guess its name was „Ice cube“ or something like that. I was there back then and helped her testing a door for the nudie room.

Then after a short while the avatar turned into a male, also showing for some time a RL picture of the player behind it in the profile. 27 years old, male, from Berlin, Germany. Quite a change.

Now I’m hopping to a new sim, Berlin City, and guess who’s the landbaron there? Flumm Melendez, also most of it crowded with buildings and sold. Not far away from this sim is another new sim, Cologne City? Owner? Flumm Melendez. So – the real money in Second Life still is in selling and renting sims and building.

And to sum it up, there’s of course also a web presence about the real estate business of Flumm Melendez: Second Earth Sims.  And here’s a posting about the history of the avatar made by Flumm Melendez himself (Germany only).

If you ask me, quite an interesting career, but not too unusual in SL at all.

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