Juli 9, 2007

Desperate housewifes (and husbands) in SL

Sponto rides again, this time about religion and relationships. She’s stating that virtual polygamy is no problem for many peope. 

I can only agree on that. I know many avatars, male and female, that are happily married in real life (at least they say so) and are having relationships or at least casual relationships with other avatars, that also very often involve sex. Plain and simpe.

Many of them don’t have a problem with that, but some of them must hide there hobby from their RL partner, because if (s)he finds out, they are going for big trouble and they know it. Others are letting their partners know and (s)he has no problem with it whatsoever.

I guess, it’s depending on the relationship and on the trust, other’s are saying: it’s better only happening in the virtual world than ruining my real life with a real affaire. But of course, when emotions are running to deep, even SL can break up a RL relationship. People just like to betray themselves, they always do.