Second Life’s very own Cassandra and most professional ranter, Prokofy Neva, has been banned at 57 Miles weblog

This is quite interesting and amusing. Why interesting? Because PN and 57 Miles were on real friendly terms, they made together 12 lengthy podcasts named "Second Rant". And now they split apart – and it’s the usual picture, PN got banned on the whole website (if possible, that is).

Of course, another lengthy article by PN about this event on his own blog, nothing so far on yet. The reasons why? Because PN called one on the group channel of Metaversed to "fuck off", the last podcast was way too critical or so, mostly because PN is not good for his business.

Well – whatever. This is not the last thing we’re going to hear from skipjack Prokofy Neva – just another finished act in the whole drama around this avatar. That’s all.

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