Don’t trust the Lindens alone to keep your data safe!

Many people, like me, have been suffering an annoying error message since months now – "Missing object from database."

It comes upon you without warning. You login, want to rez your favorite chain, skin, whatever, and you only get instead "Missing object from database." – Bam, you’re blasted! You even don’t get the name of the object at all, so you have to figure it out on your own what’s missing – bummer!

So, what can you do against this? Not much at all. This bug has been bugging residents since months, it’s spreading like a virus and still unfixed. The only thing you can hope for is that the Lindens are fixing it sooner or later, sooner would be better, of course.

There’s an entry in their famous JIRA system for it called SVC-553, take a look at it. Quite interesting read and for sure tell them what you think about it. This is such a fundamental bug, because it’s undermining the trust in the inventory and handiwork of the Lindens at all, that it’s a real shame that it’s still unfixed since August last year!

Oh, yes, external backup, anyone? No? New CTO, anyone? No? We’re all busted! Until this thing is fixed it’s unsafe to buy anything at all, because YOU could be the next!