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In case you wonder about a nice way to decrease your traffic once it's been to high? Well, I've got a suggestion for you: just move around your club to another sim every two to three weeks or so and traffic will go down, down, down... even if you got a black heart, it will go down!

There are still many fields in which Second Life gets new development,
a good thing, if you ask me. But since those fields are quite diverse,
there are now so many first look and beta viewers around, that it get's
troublesome to test them all out. Don't believe me? Well, for Windows,
there are those viewers beside the official one around:

  • the release candidate viewer (version,
  • the Windlight first look viewer,
  • the Dazzle first look viewer and finally
  • the beta test grid viewer.

Each viewer is spurting another feature the other one has not or is going to make it sometime into the official line of viewers. So we got now a quite fragmented field of beta viewers. Wouldn't it just be better to roll up all those beta features into one beta line and hand this one out to people feeling adventurous? I strongly believe so.