April 9, 2008

Nicholaz Beresford quits making his browser

Nichlaz Beresford, a resident well known for his own sat of patches for the official browser, quitted some days ago very frustrated providing them.

Many residents mourn about the loss of this talented programmer and his browser, because for many people his browser gave far more better gaming experience, meaning mostly stability and speed, to Second Life than the official does for them. His work has been well appreciated in the community which used his browsers.

The reasons listed by him for quitting making a better browser are mainly:

  • he wanted to create his own vision of browser, but has been unable to do so since he was mainly busy ironing out bug after bug after bug,
  • the Lindens don’t really care for bug fixes coming from third parties any more, most times they just plainly ignore them and
  • considering the bad state the browser and platform is in now he would have start all over again.

So, the community loses a quite talented programmer who probably would have been a very good bug hunter and much, much more. That’s sad.

By the way, there’s still no new CTO at Lindenlab, so it seems. Wonder how they manage to run so long without someone leading the techies.

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