Riding the wave or getting lost under it

In business, like almost everywhere else, it’s either riding the wave or getting lost when it waves above you. Making a revolution or suffering a revolution.

Lindenlab for long has been riding the wave. Now, that the hype has somewhat gone, it needs to establish Second Life as a more stable platform than it is today, because the competition like OpenSim is catching up and up more and getting stronger. It still has its advantages above other platforms, but needs to communicate those more.

In her latest long essay long running citizen Gwyneth Llewelyn asks about if bad communication practice is the root of all evil, let’s just say for short, she’s got some valid points. Communication has flown to other kind of meanings, it’s still there, but needs to be polished up.

Another main problem she’s raising is Lindenlab’s missing to produce a roadmap and their inability to work out and work on timelines. That’s quite serious stuff.

One of the main problems with SL today is that it doesn’t really scale very well. This problem has already been known about the last two years and shows up everyday more and more when a certain avatar threshold of concurrent logins has been met.

The technic behind Second Life has some bottlenecks and shortcomings. Think about it as an analogy like a Ferrari powered by a lawn mower engine. Looks good and all shiny, but cannot deliver the promised power. Yuck.

What Lindenlab has got to do is to build a new engine, that’s hard enough, but also to put it in the car while it’s running, and that’s quite a hard feature to achieve. We’ll see if it ever happens or not.

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