The Lindens just continue as they planned to do…

Yesterday M Linden aka Mark Kingdon, CEO of Linde Lab, published an open letter to the community, in which he heralded the nice community base of this world, their devotion and layed out the future plans of Linden Lab for the Open Spaces sims.

In short: no change at all, all he did was just pulling out a bunch of nice word, putting the same old plans in a nice looking, neater soundng package and that’s it. The tier change is coming as planned, also in the same amount in the end, it is just happening in two steps instead of one and that’s all. Wonder when the next protests are going to show up…

Is there such a thing like just one true Gorean role play at all? (Getting to know about Gor, Part 3)

One quite frequent discussion on all Gorean groups and channels in Second
Life is, if there is such a thing like one true Gorean role play or not.
Normally the people then take two main stances.

  1. There are the people who want to play as according to the books in Second
    Life as possible and dislike so called onlineisms. An onlineism
    is something, that is simple not there in the books, but became quite common in
    certain sims of Second Life.
    Examples for it are: there is a common phrase in
    the book in the region of Torvaldsland called Jarl, which is
    the way to adress a leader of them instead of Ubar. Bondsmaids address all free
    men as Jarl, but in the books there is no such phrase as Jarla
    to greet free women, but this is something that is quite common on certain sims
    in Second Life, so this is a good example. The people who dislike onlineisms
    don’t ust this phrase at all.
    Another example are female warriors. There is
    no such thing in the books, even the author itself stated there is no such thing
    on Gor, but on quite some Gorean sims in Second Life there are indeed female
    warriors. So the people who really play by the books don’t acknowledge them at
    all as being valid.
  2. The other party of people is the crowd, which takes the stance, that while
    the books are depicting the daily life of the planet Gor, they are only able to
    depict small aspects of the whole culture at all, and, while not really
    mentioned in the books, quite some stuff is still possible to be there in the whole setting and most likely is there, if you
    come to think about it, and therefore should be considered a possible part of
    Gorean role play even while not being mentioned in the books at all.
    are the people, who don’t bother using onlineisms then like "Jarla", perhaps also female
    warriors and such.

So these are the two main parties, which constantly discuss on Second Life about what real
Gorean role play should be or not, what in it might be or not, sometimes also might engagne in flame wars. And because of this fact alone already, there is not just only one true Gorean role play, but every sim or alliance of sims makes up their own rules about what they consider valid role play or not. So what you get in reality in Second Life is quite a broad range about what real Gorean role play is about and what not, and coming with that, big, different rule sets.

While there are also some, which complain that there isn’t such a thing just like one, big, unified Gorean Role Play at all, most other people tend to be at peace with that and just take it pragmatically, meaning playing at that sim which comes most near to their own ideal about what Gorean Role Play should be about and that’s it at all, then, so with those two main parties you got in the consequence the opportunity to choice. And if there’s no such thing like your ideal then, until today, you also got the opportunity to found such a sim, like all of us have. 🙂