Emerald sucks again

Well… there’s again some hiccups and discussion about an action of Modular Systems around their Second Life Viewer Emerald. One of the developers changed the login page in a kind of manner to generate quite much unnecessary traffic to a blog of a person which wrote something against Emerald some while ago. There have reportedly been many Iframes in the page to generate literally tons of traffic.

Well, the victim of that action had around 16.5 million hits so far. Otherwise there seems to be no harm done, but it is the intention that counts in my opinion.

Personally I am getting more and more fed up with the attitude of Modular Systems at all. Again there’s an excuse for that behaviour, they didn’t deny that it happened, but otherwise there are no more consequences or so it seems to me. If this would have been the first incident, well, we could count it as lessons in better behaviour. But now? I am sure that this is not going to be the last startling revelation about Emerald – and it sucks, because the viewer really was once upon the competition for quite some time, but now keeps loosing ground more and more against the other third party viewers.

Personally I’ve switched long ago already to Imprudence because of that and my distrust into Modular Systems at all.

But what’s getting more and more annoying is in discussions the attitude of many Emerald fanboys. As always they keep saying and saying „Nothing bad at all has ever happened!“, and I bet they would even say that to a mobster who just smashed his fist into their face. Even if there is hard evidence, as it is now, they just keep saying that like a badly broken record.

But of course all what the other side doing is bad, even if it has not happened yet but only could happen, and oh my they think this is still an everlasting campaign against Modular Systems. Truth to be told: partly of course it is. But: no campaign would last so long if there’s not a continuing fueling for those campaigns done by Modular Systems. In other words: unlikely that Modular Systems will ever learn, instead they are going to keep their kind of whatever attitude, I doubt that any serious change is ever going to happen and surely are going to produce more incidents like that in the future.

Why, for example, has the webmaster or developer that played that kind of „prank“, not been removed from the project? This is something I am never going to understand, sorry.