It seems the Vista support of Second Life is nearly ready and well. Well, quite a good thing for all the people out there who are using that operating system. 

Oh, and while we are talking about Vista: the CEO of Acer, Gianfranci Lanci, is disappointed with Vista. He's telling that the expectations they had with the launch of Vista have not met at all. On the contrary, many customers of Acer are asking for Windows XP instead, especially in the business field. One of the main problems according to Lanci has been that Vista was still not 100% stable at its launch and he doesn't expect that to change in the rest of 2007 at all.

I teleported today onto the Phat Cat's dancefloor. Well, strangely it happened that I was teleported under the dancefloor, take a look at this picture here:

It seems that Dilbert Dilweg really wants to get rid of his club fast, the price for it already went down to 800.000 L$ or 3.000 U$. Why he's selling it? Because he's moving in with his love and having much less time for SL, then. Quite easy.

Under Phat Cat's dancefloor.

The biggest and most popular jazz club in SL, Phat Cat's, is for sale, again, but this time for real, as it seems. The owner, Dilbert Dilweg, wants to get at least 1.000.000 L$ (equivalent to about 3.501 US$) for the whole private island including all buildings and objects.

Now I wonder if we are going to see the most popular place in Second Life at all according to Tateru Nino under new management soon...

Let me quote the in world sales pitch here:

Phat Cat's is for sale. The sale is 1,000,000 Lindens and will include full transfer of simulator and costs.

Buy at time of tier payed and get 1 full month without having to pay tier.

All transfers will be completed WHEN ALL monies have been transfered.

Paying thru pay pal without Lindens is also acceptable payment. Payment should be the equivelent of 1 million lindens at current market rate the total would be US$3,500.72.

Cotact Dilbert Dilweg for purchasing information if you are seriously interested in buying one of the strongest clubs on SL.

The price is quite a bargain for such a well established and good running sim, if you ask me. Other sims with that kind of traffic have been sold for much, much more money in the past already.

And if you take a look at the finished land auctions at the mainland, a new sim without any content there is still being sold for around 2-3000 US$ there, so this price is not out of reach or far too much asked for it.

There's a 3rd party statistical tool available for free called SLStats over at It works like that: you visit their in world store, get a sensor - one per avatar only is their policy. You need to get an account over there to make it work. Then you should place it at the main telehub of your place/sim and let it do its magic.

It's submitting the statistics on a regular base and you can take a look at your statistics then on a login protected webpage. A sample report is visible here. It looks quite good and reasonable, well, more like a logfile analyzer for a web server like Apache than the normal traffic counts. But, of course, the weakness of all such external solutions is - it has no impact on the in world search, if not all major sims are using it to report their traffic, it's still useful for the place/sim owner, but you cannot count really on the traffic comparison lists if there are major places still missing.

And, of course, there goes your data, and you don't know if they are going to begin to charge you in the future for this service or not. Still, a very interesting solution. But also, if it should use a range based avatar scan sensor, something that can add up to the lag of a sim.

In the right hands and used right this can be a valuable tool.

There's now a 3rd party web based SL client called AjexLife in development and available. So far it has more or less the same feature set as Slink, meaning it's good for logging into the grid, chatting, sending instant messages, getting notifications, viewing the map and teleporting around. Of course - no graphics. The main focus is on for the main client underpowered machines and communicating so far.

Since this works with AJAX, it should be possible that it even works through most company firewalls - I guess the server makes the connection to the grid, not the webbrowser per se. I wonder under which license this work is going to be put under...

Sponto rides again, this time about religion and relationships. She's stating that virtual polygamy is no problem for many peope. 

I can only agree on that. I know many avatars, male and female, that are happily married in real life (at least they say so) and are having relationships or at least casual relationships with other avatars, that also very often involve sex. Plain and simpe.

Many of them don't have a problem with that, but some of them must hide there hobby from their RL partner, because if (s)he finds out, they are going for big trouble and they know it. Others are letting their partners know and (s)he has no problem with it whatsoever.

I guess, it's depending on the relationship and on the trust, other's are saying: it's better only happening in the virtual world than ruining my real life with a real affaire. But of course, when emotions are running to deep, even SL can break up a RL relationship. People just like to betray themselves, they always do.

This link points to a cartoon of the German computer magazine c't - many know the Heise newsticker, perhaps. It's showing a devil and his wife, the devil playing a game on his computer and his wife saying: "Tell me, isn't this game finally getting boring for you? You've been already playing that silly game Second Hell for over 4.5 billion years now."

The "new" continent in the East has been named Nautilus. Quite a silly name for a continent, if you ask me, but even better the new, yet to come continent with around who knows sims is going to be named Corsica. Yes, right, Corsica, like the island in the Mediterrenean Sea.

In reality Corsica belongs to France, but the inhabitants of it are not happy with that and still many consider the French people as occupants. So now I wonder if the now defunct SLAA and its followers are going to put their headquarters there and are trying to battle LL from there, then. This would be quite ironic.

Another interesting profile, sums up the persistant problems:

Please LL fix SL so I can:
teleport without having butt fur
Rez without thinking I live in the land of gray
And Give me just 1 L for every crash report so I can be rich