Februar 16, 2007

New lottery in town: SLMillions

There is a new lottery in Second Life, called SL Millions. The driving force behind this lottery is Lederberg Investment, a group run by Mar Lederberg, who seems to live in Geneva, Switzerland.

Here is the deal: you buy one ticket from them for 500 L$ and get the chance to win 1.000.000 L$ per month. The other million will be split among several people. They spoke to the Lindens and made them crystal clear that they already have the claimed money, to make sure they are serious about it and just not want to take the money out of the peoples pockets. Well, even if still „only“ L$, 1.000.000 L$ is quite an amount of money. Right now the best selling rate for L$ is about 277 L$ convert into 1 US-$. This means that the jackpot is equal 3610.11 US-$. Still quite an amount of money in real life and you can make much things with one million in world.

They are also claming that they are donating about 10-25% of the income to RL charity projects, like the Red Cross for example.

Well, what to think about it? This is something were already big in world money is involved. They are trying to be good businessman and take their lottery for serious, so much is certain, because they want to stay.

But: if you want to be a good human being, you just can donate money on yourself to the charity organization of your choice. You don’t need a lottery to do that.

The maths is simple. To make this business sustainable they need at least 4000 sold tickets per month, otherwise they are going to be in a loss. Add the social component to it with the minimum of 10%, this makes then 2.200.000 L$ of monthly income they need or 4400 sold tickets. After this point they are going to be profitable.

These are quit big numbers they need to sell, so they need a big vendor network, which they already have. This is one point. The other point is: when I attend such a lottery I’d like to know with whom I am making business and where to catch him. Ok, I can get their represantatives in SL. On their website are even to phone numbers I can call and an email adress, terms of services and so on.

All very fine and professional, but the most important thing is missing: an adress. Yup, right. Of course I’d like to know from which country these operations are based and where to reach them with snail mail. Even in the oh so virtual times of Second Life. But there is no imprint on their otherwise very professional made side, nada, nothing. And this is, of course, a big lack for me with this lottery.

Don’t get me wrong: they talked with the Lindens and if ever there would be a serious need to reach them, you could either do it the way with Lindenlabs or trying to call them. They are doing a serious business inside the world, take it serious, so no need to be afraid to buy a ticket from them. But I am old fashioned and miss the imprint – seriously. Period.