Februar 21, 2007

Just a little reminder

When you’re the owner of a good going business and are in the process of setting up your brand new arrived sim, better be sure that your access list is setup the way you think it should be. Why? Well, because when you’re talking about the sim’s name in public at your well frequented business, you never know who might overhear it and goes there to take a look around. Oh, and taking it in your pics is also not so good, then.

New pest coming around: banner ads

A new pest is forming up in Second Life: newbies going around with banner ads (and similar objects), getting paid for it the usual rates (2-4 L$ / 10 minutes). The benefit for them? Well, they can move in contrary to camping chairs or dancing pods, so I expect to see a drastical increase in such kind of advertisement.

The benefit for the people „employing“ them? Very cheap advertisements running around nearly everywhere.

The drawbacks? Well, for me:

  • Bad karma and bad image. I would never do business with such a store/shop/company who litters the landscape of SL with such kind of garbage.
  • It ruins many places, because the banners are something that catches your eye.
  • The people doing it do this normally without asking, just come in with it and walk around, so they are in many places in for an ejection or ban. Go figure.

And here is a nice screenshot of such a guy dancing around in the garden of Intimate Moment’s with such a banner ad:

Banner ad

I asked him two times to put this thing off, and he complied. Lucky him, otherwise I would have ejected him.

In the same league play for me guys going to an event with a vendor’s tray hooked up. I’ve seen it already twice on events of us, some weird looking guy came in with a drawn weapon and a vendor’s tray full of cigars and other stuff.  I just hate such behaviour and when I see such a guy I’m on a very short fuse.