The German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is running an interview today with Philip Rosedale. Of course, it’s about Second Life.

Rosedale says that figures which are flowing around, saying that his company had less than 11 million US$ on sales last year, are reasonable. The first quarter ever his company made profit was 4Q 2006 accordings to Rosedale. That’s quite a long time, even for a startup like LL.

Rosedale thinks that one day SL could be bigger than, because of the bigger possibilites in his platform. He said that only about 10% of the accounts are in world on a regular base, that LL has about 130 employees at the moment – adding 20 each quarter at the moment – and he would like to see his company independent over the years. Rosedale is the meaning, that LL should not be sold, there is about 20 million US$ venture capital in the company at the moment, and even if Google or someone else would knock at their door and bid 1.65 billion US$ for a takeover it’s unlikely to happen.

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