Today has been a rough day for Dreamland. Four long running Dreamland Angels have announced on the group „Dreamland citizens“ that they are going to quite their jobs soon.

Sahirah Hauptmann wrote:

Dear Dreamland Citizens,

It has been my pleasure working for you the past 2 years helping you all to the best of my abilities, but I’m sad to say that will no longer be the case. I’ve chosen to tender my resgination I’ll be leaving the company on April 30th.

I wish you all the best.


Sahirah Hauptmann

Former Dreamland Angel

MadMarkus Miles wrote:

following a few of my colleagues I herewith need to inform you, that today has been my last day as Dreamland Angel.

PLease enjoy your second life and many many thanks for your patience, your kindness and your love, given to me.

Best regards,

MadMarkus Miles

Sal Salubrius wrote:

I have only been here a short time I know, but I have grown to love you all. There are irreconcilable differences between me and the management and I feel that I need to move on. I am still available to tie up any loose ends for you all in any way I can untill the end of the month.

Regards, Sal Salubrius

At least one another popular angel, Master Quatro, has been rumored to leaving, too. So at least three angels told that they left or are going to leave on one day. This leaves us to the question: what’s in the bush?

Seems they are going to charge their customers in the future money for things that are right now still available for free, like restarting a sim, according to MadMarkus Miles. Also planned is that you get a tier rebate after a buy first in the next month, not in the actual month and for sure there are more things in the pipeline.

What does that mean? Since you cannot make a living on selling land alone anymore big landowners are now going to install other schemes of making money in world, that’s it and it seems not all angels agreed on this plan of action and this is why they left. Quite simple actually.

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2 Gedanke zu “Dreamland woes”
  1. What really happened: Anshe fired two angels, including their team leader. Then two angels who were close friends followed them, while others remained.

    After talking to some folks in the new team I was assured that they are doing well, that there aren’t any bad „things in the pipeline“ and that Anshe’s company isn’t planning any price increases or new fees.

  2. Well, we’re going to see, of course about that, if the things MadMarkus Miles said are becoming reality or not.

    The undeniable truth is that land has become quite cheap while tiers are still not so that big land owners need to find other sources of income, I guess.

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