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Just something that happened on a public group channel in Second Life today:

[2007/10/04 14:07] Dreamland ACS: there have been serious problems with last upgrade .. already done 2 rolling restarts of all sims
[2007/10/04 14:07] Dreamland ACS: the entire grid has more lag and slow rezzing
[2007/10/04 14:07] Stevie Superior: Welcome to the Land of Lindens!
[2007/10/04 14:09] Dreamland ACS: it never fails .. new upgrade .. more problems .. lower performance
[2007/10/04 14:09] Keila Forager: yeah, but I haven't upgraded yet...LOL

Nifty, right?

This is the profile of a female avatar:

Looking to have fun plain and simple.

Keep your drama to yourself as I will drop you like yesterdays news

Nothing fancy, but it shows you what you can expect quite clearly.

Here's one from a male who seems to have the need to recover some missed time:

Remember me?... I'm that guy you knew in highschool and thought was cute but never asked you out.....well I was kind of shy back then but thought you were cute too....kind of loss track of you after highschool but never stopped thinking of you...maybe you're here in SL...


This link points to a cartoon of the German computer magazine c't - many know the Heise newsticker, perhaps. It's showing a devil and his wife, the devil playing a game on his computer and his wife saying: "Tell me, isn't this game finally getting boring for you? You've been already playing that silly game Second Hell for over 4.5 billion years now."

Well, this is not about SL per se, but this parody is still funny and covers a topic that could happen that way in SL, too. So just give it a try, it is worth some laughs at least. Herb Zipper rules!

Just did a fun test at a website, and look what I've found out about myself:

Well, that explains, why I enjoy so much running through Second Life as Barth Vader! The force is with me! And now bow before your master... bwahaha!

Today is the 1st of April and that means: time for April jokes! I've found the first SL related today already in the Second Life Herald. To quote it:

In a cross-border caper organized in the wee hours of Saturday morning
by otakup0pe Neumann of libsecondlife, notorious griefer Plastic Duck
and infamous blogger antagost Prokofy Neva were married at a brief
ceremony on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.


Asked why Plastic Duck, whose RL name is Patrick Sapinski, suddenly
switched from griefing and stalking and poking a stick at Prokofy, who
has furiously exposed his antics in lenghty blog blasts, to wooing the
50-year-old single mother of two, Duck said, "I've never had a mother's