LSL unable to save data in game

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I've been programming around a little yesterday and made my first simple LSL-script - a notecard giver keeping track of unique visitors. Really simple when you get the heck off it and quite useful for different things, not so far … Weiter

The almighty lag hell

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It seems, the more people are online, the more the almight lag continues to grow. SL is no fun noawadays when more than 30.000 people are online at the same time. There is lag, lag, lag, teleporting issues, chat lag … Weiter

4 million residents reached

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Today the resident count has reached a new peak - there are now over 4 million residents in Second Life. Again without much fanfare, like it was already when the 3 million mark was reached. This is no wonder, when … Weiter

Germans and their Arbeitsamt

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There are many Germans in the game. Many of them are looking for a job. So, what would have been a better idea then to found something like a job agency for them? Yes, there is one, called SLArbeitsamt, the … Weiter

How I did it: Philip Rosedale

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There is an interview at with Philip Rosedale about how he started Second Life, what were his ideas, goals and such. If you're interested in a little history or the visions behind Second Life at all, you should definitely … Weiter

DVD about Second Life

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Some team members of the German blog Industrial Technology&Witchcraft have produced a DVD, targeted at SL newbies as their main audience. There are videos on it, showing several different aspects of the client and the world itself, presented by the … Weiter

Just a little reminder

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When you're the owner of a good going business and are in the process of setting up your brand new arrived sim, better be sure that your access list is setup the way you think it should be. Why? Well, … Weiter

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