I’ve stumbled right now about an article by Pham Neutra from the 9th February. It again shows that the saying in the topic is absolutely right. BMW shows in world their clean energy technology only so far right now.

And Mercedes-Benz? Well, according to a press notice from the 15th of February (seems to be published too early, why should Pham Neutra know already otherwise?) they are entering Second Life officially on the 20th February 2007.

They are not only entering it with one island only, like BMW has right now; no, they’ve got nine islands to their hands, which are not opened at the moment.

It seems that they are actually taking a different approach on their presence in SL than BMW does; there are already some pictures in the blog entry from Pham Neutra showing the Mercedes Sprinter, although not from the region itself, since the region is still inaccessible. They are going to celebrate the opening with a live concert and there is also a blog, too, about it, although still not working at the moment.

So, the competition of the German carmakers in SL is heating up and I wonder where this development is going to lead now.

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  1. Mercedes-Benz has announced a new sports package for those people considering an SL-Class who want a bit extra flair with their expensive set of wheels. As a matter of fact, the visual punch added by the sports package focuses on a new set of 19-inch, twin-spoke wheels that offer a fairly unencumbered view of the silver-painted front Mercedes brake calipers and cross-drilled rotors in the rear. I know BMW will gona follow this endeavor soon…

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