I’ve stumbled about an interview with Mitch Kapor through a blog entry of Prokofy Neva about a possible happening decrease in land prices. Seems the interview has been edited since then, but the lines Neva cites where there. Definitely.

So… Mr. Neva is upset about the possible opening of the server side. Well, I can understand him (and needs to write an article of biblical propotions again, just to say: „This is nuts“, like always…), but it is the only way to take it on the next level.

How Lindenlabs can generate money after opening up? Well, for example perhaps like this:

  • You want your own server connected to the maingrid? Well, you can, but you will have to pay a monthly fee to LL for it.
  • You want access to the central login- and asset-manager of LL? No problem, also available for a fee.
  • Need to backup your database? Yes, do it with LL.
  • You want to be able to buy and sell L$ on your own server? Sure thing, again availabe for a monthly fee…

and so on and on…  I would not be surprised if some of those ideas are going to manifest in the future.

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