Arg! Newbies are coming around in masses again at all places recently. I’ve got no problem with this. But some of them are just getting too much annoying!

I’ve noticed quite a change in the last few weeks about the newbies behaviour; some of them are still good mannered, though they are the minority, it seems. Others are just thinking "money makes the world go round" and looking for the perfect job, though they are still newbies and inexperienced.

And guess what? They are bothering many people on many places with questions like "Where can I get a good job?", "Are here jobs available?" and so on… d’oh!

Get a life! You don’t need a job at all in SL. You can play for months, still have some money and have much fun without having any job at all! And if, I repeat, if, you are really in need of money – first learn to calculate!

What I mean with this one? Well, one US-$ could be exchanged into 280 Linden-$ at the moment. Most good clothes are around 1000 L$. So… which job is getting paid most in here and all can do it? Right: being a prostitute, or nicer called being an escort. An escort gets around 1000 to 1500 L$ normally for an hour of sex. These are average rates, first they need to invest into themselves let’s say 10.000 to 15.000 L$, to have a nice skin, hair, shape, dresses, toy for sex and so on.

If you calculate now those rates back – 1000 to 1500 L$ would mean around 3,57 to 5,35 US-$ per hour. That’s not much money, and if you are earning for example 10-12 US-$ normally in your daytime job per hour – well, you’re blasted there.

So, what’s the bottom line of this? When you want to get money in SL – either play in a casino, or just, for goodness sake, buy it! And if you really, really want to earn money in game, become an escort, or better a custom builder, shop owner with a nice niche, scripter or try to rent land to people at affordable prices!

But, hell, stop bugging us all for jobs! It’s annoying as hell. If you’ve get it inside yourself – fine. Be your own self-made man or girl. If not – take some time to grow up. Most better paid jobs are only available for avatars at age > 30 days, and that’s for very good reasons.

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