Many may not know the fact that my header picture is showing a small part of the rocket exhibition of the International Space Flight Museum on the sim Spaceport Alpha. Spaceport Alpha has always been a sim I visited frequently and was quite fond of. It was really nice to have a good look at the rebuilt rockets, to view the videos of the NASA and take in the sheer amount of information, there was always something new to discover.

Now since about three days it seems to be gone – the map is not showing it anymore, not even as offline, and also its sister sim Spaceport Bravo is missing. The former adjacent sim of it in the west, Nasa Colab, is also shown as offline.

Since I have not read anything so far about that sim going away I am asking myself the simple question: is it just another hiccup of Second Life or has that sim really gone away quietly, like so many other good sims before? I do know that ISM was never affiliated with NASA or ESA, it was a private project by an avatar named Kat Lemieux. Her profile at does not show any news about that sim, so I am really walking there in the dark right now.

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